Sean Conrad

capturing the american west

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my story


     Born in Tuscola, IL in 1973, and raised in Waco TX. Conrad has been surrounded in art since childhood.  His father built a successful career as a cartoonist and, wanting to follow in his footsteps, Sean began drawing wildlife and the nature that surrounded him in Texas.

     Conrad began his career in San Diego, CA with an education in graphic design and computer animation.  After graduation, he worked in graphic design, excited with all the possibilities available to him, and was soon promoted into management and the corporate 8-5 lifestyle.  Although he excelled in his new position, he knew something was missing.  That something was discovered during a week-long trip to southern Colorado to visit his father.  Painting plein air for the first time, he found himself entirely captivated with the natural beauty of the west and relished in transcribing what he saw to canvas. 

        Since that time he has been captivated with the landscape and the stories of the American West. Spending most of his early artistic development in Trinidad, CO and Cimarron, NM gave Sean a firm foundation in observing the landscape and western lifestyle firsthand. "My hope is to bring God glory in every painting that I create. I'm so thankful that He's blessed me with the talents that He has. I will continually strive to capture His great creation to the best of my abilities".