Sean Conrad

capturing the american west


     I knew that I had found my purpose in life when I picked up my first brush and did my first painting. it was as if something breathed life on the inside of me for the first time. Something that had lied dormant on the inside of me for a very long time was finally awakened and that's what I felt when I first started painting.

But no matter how wonderful painting and creating art is, it still was not enough to fill the emptiness I felt on the inside of me. What I found was "the thing" I needed to fill the emptiness was not a "thing" at all, but rather a person... the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It wasn't until I truly made Jesus the Lord and Master of every part of my life that the emptiness inside of me was filled with peace and joy. I then  truly began to experience the beauty, rhythm and order that I saw in the Created world in my daily life. Art & beauty are true gifts from God, they are wonderful, true, visual feasts and enhance our lives... but they will never completely fulfill a mans soul.

Only Jesus Christ is the answer... and only He can fulfill you.

To God be the glory

Sean Conrad

"The healers touch" 11x14